Rangers Could Lose Most Lucrative Season in Franchise History

John Brennan at the Bergan Record reports that losing the NHL season to a lockout could mean more to the Rangers than wasting a year of Henrik Lundqvist in his prime…

"For the Rangers, this is/was supposed to be their first season playing in the mostly-transformed Madison Square Garden – where the new seats and luxury suites are all in, and tearing down of numerous walls has made the concourses seem magically larger even as the building itself remains the same size. You know what else was supposed to be much larger? Revenues from those upgraded seats and suites."

Brennan adds that the Rangers could lose what was setup to be their most lucrative season ever.

…this is where I'd usually hammer Dolan about being all about the almightly dollar (which he is) and that I don't care how much money he's losing (which I don't), but he's one of the few owners looking to end this lockout as soon as possible, so he's on my good side. For now anyway.

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