Players to Begin Voting on Disolving Union Today

TSN reports that NHL players will begin voting today on whether they'll grant their executive board the authority to dissolve the NHLPA.

Two-thirds of the union's membership must vote in favor before the board can file a "disclaimer of interest." Disbanding the union would give players the chance to challenge the legality of the lockout in court and file anti-trust lawsuits against the NHL.

The voting will be conducted electronically over a five-day period that ends Thursday. If the 30-member executive board is given the ability to file a disclaimer, it would have until Jan. 2 to do so.

…so according to this report, January 2nd is the day this lockout could spiral out of control. Let's hope similar to when the NBA pulled this stunt last year, cooler heads will prevail and a deal gets done. If we get to January 3rd and there's still no deal, I'd say it's a pretty good indication the season isn't happening.

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