Phoenix Coyotes Sale to Greg Jamison Appears to be Back On

Mike Sunnucks of the Phoenix Business Journal has the scoop on prospective owner Greg Jamison once again being closer to purchasing the Phoenix Coyotes. This is, Jamison has secured investment money rather than going solo.

Two sources with knowledge of the three-year-old Coyotes ownership saga say Jamison now has the investors and partners in place to finally buy the Coyotes and a deal could close very soon. 

Is it too late, however, for Shane Doan? He’s been patient enough to try in stay with the Coyotes, but has been forced to consider other options until stable ownership was in place.

The new deal, yet to be made public, is reportedly close to being finished.

One source familiar with the deal said Jamison has secured the money and partners to buy the team and final details are being reviewed by the NHL. 

  • Hallelujah if its true. It puts an end to the uncertainty of the Coyotes’ franchise and, hopefully, the Shane Doan free-agent nonsense.

Neil Best of Newsday reports on the second phase of the Madison Square Garden renovations, which focused on the middle level upper concourse aka the “Blue Seats,” which have been completely built from scratch.

Seats that are about 10 feet closer to the playing surface and 17 degrees steeper than they used to be, an upgrade after decades of complaints about sight lines.

Also, the concourse that used to ring the arena on the inside is gone, meaning no more obstructions for fans seated toward the front of the upper bowl.

  • To me, reading this is music to my ears. How many of us fellow Ranger fans have to literally stand up to see what’s going on the corners of the net close to where we’re sitting? Sounds like that will be eliminated. Now, if we can only get rid of the Suits that litter the bottom concourse of seating we’ll be in business.

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