Philadelphia Flyers Create the “Jessica Redfield” Position

In an extremely noble gesture, Sportsnet reports the Philadelphia Flyers have created the “Jessica Redfield” internship program within their organization to honor the late sports journalist who lost her life in the Aurora, CO shootings during The Dark Knight Rises premiere back on July 20. 

The digital media program is for aspiring female journalists looking to follow a career path similar to that of Redfield’s.

“We felt the best way to assist with this great cause was to offer an internship of our own to help these prospective recipients gain the real world experience of covering a professional sports team,” said Flyers president Peter Luukko in a report on the team’s official site. “The goal of the fund is to build futures in her name.”

  • Absolutely perfect idea by the Flyers in a classic example of taking a tragic negative and turning into a positive. I would love to see the New York Rangers, and the entire NHL for that matter, adopt this program or honor Redfield in some capacity. 

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