Penalty Shot Best Part of HBO 24/7 Final Episode

We all lost our minds when it was called and praised John Tortorella for criticizing it, but if not for the unforgiveable penalty shot call for Ryan McDonagh supposedly closing his hand on the puck we never would have had the most unforgettable scene in the final episode of HBO’s 24/7 (via Puck Daddy)…

From the numerous angles (the blimp cam was especially awesome) to the background noise being muted with just an Inception-like soundtrack, the penalty shot scene was put together masterfully. It also helped that Hank saved the damn thing.

Which was followed by the best line of the night immediately after the Rangers celebration when you can hear Torts saying “there’s no shaking hands, get off the ice.” Damn right there’s no shaking hands. Winter Classic or not, that was a regular season game, where there should be no congratulating each other afterward.

HBO also did a phenominal job encapsulating the emotion and tenor of the Winter Classic. I especially enjoyed the focus on Mike Rupp’s first goal and the ensuing Jagr salute.

I’ve got to be honest I was in shock with the scene in the third period when James van Riemsdyk said he’s going to do the Artem Anisimov rifle celebration if he scores as a paypack for Rupp showing up Jagr and neither Claude Girioux nor Scott Hartnell had any idea what Rupp had done. How did those guys not either see that or have been told it happened during the second intermission? Also loved that they were anticipating being jumped by the Rangers if van Riemsdyk did it and decided who each guy was going to fight. That was some unreal insight.

What also struck me was how important it was for these guys to play in the Winter Classic. And you didn’t have to look any further than this line from Brandon Prust after Michael Del Zotto was sucker punched by Florida’s Tomas Kopecky…

“My first thought was to jump on him and beat the f-ck out of him. I didn’t want to get suspended for the Winter Classic, ya know? I tried to restrain myself.”

Wow. Also loved Del Zotto wanting to know who stuck up for him.

For my thoughts on Torts’ Avery comments, Dubi slurring and more click the “Read More” tab below.

And while I thought Torts’ comments on the waiving of Sean Avery were complete B.S., I found it interesting that he was aware of all the criticism he’s received on his handling of “The Grate One.”

By the way, how drunk was Dubi when introducing his grandfather on New Year’s Eve? Just a little bit of slurring…

Another great film session scene where Torts almost killed the film guy Jerry when the projector went out and he gave some tough love to Anton Stralman, which I thought was very motivating. Great cameo by Jim Schoenfeld in that scene when he gives Jerry the film guy the business for the projector malfunction…

“Jerry’s in a pile of sh-t, do da, do da.”

From the Winter Classic schwag department, how pimp were the Rangers sweatshirts? Where do I get one?…

On the Flyers side, I thought Girioux stole the show for them, but what was up with him jawing at Anisimov about not interfering on the faceoff. Doesn’t he know the Rangers winger probably couldn’t understand I word he was saying. I also loved when Girioux begs Hank to let him score during the first period of the Winter Classic.

It kills me to do it, but Hartnell calling Evgeni Malkin the “ugliest guy in the league” was genius, which was followed by another classic line when Max Talbot says he was speared in the penis (watch here).

And was it me or was Ilya Bryzgalov’s act old by the end of the series?

Finally the Liev Schreiber monologue at the end was amazing…

Seriously, how was Sather not in this?

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