Ovechkin Suspended? Yeah Right

Apparently, as long as you’re a star in the NHL you’re allowed to launch yourself at another player’s head and not be suspended. And here’s exhibit “A”…

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Alex Ovechkin’s response to his head hunting of Dan Girardi (via Washington Post)…

“In the head? No. I think it was the shoulder.”

And Girardi…

“I think he hit my head a bit there. I think it was the right call. I’m not sure what it was, if it was charging, interference or whatever. But the head’s kinda there and he hits it.

“I think he’s just playing the game hard but I don’t know. He hit me in the head first.”

…so let me see. Who should I believe? The player who took the blow to the head or the player who threw the hit? Hmmmm.

…and since Ovechkin won’t even have a hearing, guess Bettman or Shanahan don’t care. Can’t hurt the Game 5 ratings now can we?

…also factor in that Ovechkin is a repeat offender (three suspensions for illegal hits) and his suspension should be at least two games.

And what did Caps coach Dale Hunter think about the hit…

“It was incidental contact where both of them were looking down and they hit each other.”

…just like your hit on Pierre Turgeon in the 1993 playoffs, right Dale?

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