Ottawa Has Been Humble This Week…Wait? What?

Wayne Scanlon at the Ottawa Citizen feels the Senators have been very humble leading up to tonight’s playoff opener against the Rangers…

“If the Ottawa Senators were any more humble, more low-key, in the prelude to the Stanley Cup playoffs, they’d be reciting a hockey version of the Beatitudes: Blessed are the meek … for they shall inherit the upset.

Where’s the fire? The threats? The media manipulation? The assertion that the pressure is ALL on the first place New York Rangers, who, by the way, have not advanced beyond the second round of the playoffs since the lockout in 2004-05?

Didn’t you expect the Senators to raise these kinds of issues, and maybe hint just a little about that New York arrogance that players talk about and use as fuel? Sorry, for now you’ll have to get your playoff bile elsewhere.”

Yeah, the Senators have been real humble this week, not:

“We also know that we can beat them” – Daniel Alfredsson

“…it’s time for him (Lundqvist) to go home” – Erik Karlssson

“I like the fact we’re playing the Rangers. I’m looking forward to it…There’s other teams I’d rather not be playing…The one thing we do know is we can win this (series). It’s ours to win.” – Owner Eugene Melnyk

…apparently in Canada the word “humble” has a completely different meaning than in the United States.

…i really can’t wait for the Rangers to beat the crap out of this team.

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