Not Nash or Doan; Nash AND Doan

Larry Brooks at the New York Post reports that the Rangers aren’t looking to make a big splash this offseason, but more like a huge one…

“Know this: It isn’t either Doan or Nash for the Rangers. It is, on Sather’s blueprint, Doan and Nash.”

Brooks adds that the Rangers are believed a favored landing spot for Doan if he decided to leave Phoenix.

…and the offseason has been officially taken to another level. I always considered Doan the backup plan if a deal couldn’t get done for Nash or Ryan. But to now hear Sather is looking to bring both in has me pretty pumped.

…having said that, the cost of these two players could quell my enthusiasm very quickly. Because while I’d love to see both in a Blueshirt next season, if it takes a package that includes Stepan, Hagelin, Miller and a 1st round pick to get Nash, while handing Doan a four-year, $30 million contract, I’m going to be pissed.

Although, Brooks does try to make me feel better about the situation noting that Glen Sather continues to view Derek Stepan as a non-starter in a deal for Nash.

…i honestly don’t see how a deal can get done with Columbus for Nash without giving up one of the big three (Kreider, McD or Stepan). Seriously, how can Howson and the Blue Jackets franchise look their fan base square in the eye and say “We’ve replaced the face of our organization and one of the best players in the NHL with Brandon Dubinsky, Carl Hagelin and a first round pick”? Similar to Nashville with Weber, if Columbus loses their captain for virtually nothing they might as well re-locate to Kansas City. Oh no, wait. The Islanders already have first dibs on KC.

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