Not Much Talking By Sens After Last Night

All week leading up to last night’s Game 1, all I read from the Senators players was how they could beat the Rangers and how it was their series to win. Well, after last night’s 4-2 loss to the Rangers there wasn’t much talking (via Ottawa Citizen)…

Head Coach Paul McLean…

“We didn’t play our best. We need to play better, obviously, to win. When you lose a game, you can always be better in all areas and all zones of the rink.”

Jason Spezza…

“It’s one of those things where we make a couple of crucial mistakes and they end up in the back of our net. When it was 4-0, it wasn’t really a 4-0 game, but we make a few mistakes that make it a 4-0 game. That’s where we need to draw from experience now and learn from what we did (Thursday night). When it’s a 1-0 hockey game, it’s a pretty good game and maybe you can make the argument that we were taking the play to them a little bit. Then they score some key goals and we’re back on our heels a little bit. It’s part of the learning process and now we’ll know what to expect next game.”

…not so cocky anymore are you guys. And yes Mr. Spezza it was really a 4-0 game because that’s what it said on the scoreboard. Using your logic, maybe the final score wasn’t really 4-2 because the Rangers sagged a bit when they went up by four goals.

…the Sens can keep talking and the Rangers will keep playing.

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