NHL’s Proposed Redden Rule Could Negatively Affect Rangers in 2013-14

One interesting item in the NHL's new proposal is that teams can no longer bury a player in the AHL or in Europe without having that player's salary cap charge count against them. AKA "The Redden Rule."

Craig Custance at ESPN Insider discusses how charging Redden against the cap could negatively affect the Rangers…

"If this remains in effect, that means the Rangers will have to put Wade Redden's $6.5 million back on the books for this season and next season. They still have roughly $10 million in cap flexibility in 2012-13 thanks to the $70 million transition rule, but also have to sign restricted free agent Michael Del Zotto. Next season, when the cap could drop to $60 million, the Rangers may have more trouble fitting in Redden's $6.5 million.

Ryan McDonagh and Derek Stepan both are due for raises once their contracts expire after this season, although the league's attack on the second contract helps the Rangers."

…you have to wonder if the Rangers would actually give Redden a chance to make the team because of this rule. I mean, if he's going to count against the cap, you might as well see if he can help the team out as a 6th/7th defenseman.

…Del Zotto must be kicking himself, because under the NHL's proposal you'd have to assume Rangers will lower their original two to three year deal at $2.5 million per.

Speaking of Del Zotto, according to YorkRegion.com, the threat of being injured without a contract is enough to keep him from pursuing options overseas during the lockout.

…probably a smart decision.

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