NHL Not Interested In Mediation

Straight from the "no news is good news" department, Shelley Anderson from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports from an interview with Penguins NHLPA representative Craig Adams, the NHL is no longer interested calling upon a third party to the negotiating table.

Craig Adams on the subject of mediation:

"I think we would welcome it because I think if you look at the situation objectively, there's no question we're making all the concessions," he said. "I wouldn't be afraid of it, but I'm not holding my breath that's going to happen."

Assuming Adams is actually looking at whole picture without NHLPA colored glasses on, I find it awfully hard to believe the union has conceded on every single economic issue that has been resolved up to this point. If that's the case, why was a Union director as big as Donald Fehr even hired in the first place?

Meanwhile, Katie Strang over at ESPN says she found a mediator that's more than willing to take on the NHL lockout and do it FOR FREE. Judge Arthur Boylan, mediator and longtime hockey fan who was an integral part in ending the NFL lockout in 2011 sounds like he'll do anything to get a seat at the bargaining table.

Judge Boylan:

"I’d volunteer to do it for free, I’d love to get this thing done." "I’d love to take a crack at it, because it’s truly the game I love… from a selfish standpoint, you’d really like to see them back on the ice."

If there was anyone out there who could actually sit at the bargaining table with Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr and have the fans interest in the game at heart, its likely Judge Boylan, who is also a Minnesota Wild season ticket holder since their inception in 2000.

Basically this is a continuation piece from an Op/Ed I penned 7 weeks ago calling for the NHL and the NHLPA to allow mediators in when things were looking as grim as they are now. I had a hunch the subject would come up again eventually, but with the progress that has been made so far and if the NHL has truly gotten their way with everything up to this point, this is likely the last you'll hear about it…. barring a miracle.

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