NHL, NHLPA to Meet Today on Definition of HRR

Chris Johnson of the Canadien Press reports that representatives of the NHL and NHLPA will meet today to discuss the definition of hockey related revenue. Not how to split it up fairly, but how to define it.

…are you effin' kidding me? Get a dictionary and let's get these talks moving!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, Wayne Gretzky has thrown his two cents in, as he tells Garry Marr of the National Post that he believes the lockout will be over by January…

“I believe in my heart, maybe because I’m such a big hockey fan, that they will be playing by Jan. 1. I think the hard part … was the last negotiations [in 2005] when players agreed to a salary cap. Now that there is a salary cap in place and revenue sharing, I ultimately think a deal will get done here and [they will be] playing hockey this year.”

…we're all right there with you Great One. We all want to believe, but I'm not so sure belief is enough to overcome greed in this case.

While Gretzky is making bold predictions, Elliotte Friedman of Hockey Night in Canada informs us NHL teams are preparing for the cancelation of regular season games, which could begin as early as this week.

Friedman adds that the cancelations are expected to be done in two-week blocks.

…once regular season games start being canceled I really think it'll be panic city for NHL fans. Cold, hard reality could be upon us in a matter of days.

And now it looks like ESPN will be taking advantage of the lockout…

…with their lack of coverage, I'm surprised ESPN even knew a NHL lockout was going on.

Finally, one owner who seems to have had enough with Gary Bettman and the lockout is our very own James Dolan (via HNIC)…

"There are some owners who are dead set against (Bettman) (hint: one of them has a name that rhymes with James Dolan), but the majority are willing to see where this goes over the next couple of months…Dolan may be supremely annoyed, but the NHL constitution makes it very clear that if Bettman doesn't support a deal, 75 per cent of owners must vote against him."

…i'd praise Dolan, but his wanting the season to start has nothing to do wth the fans and everything to do with making money.

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