NHL, NHLPA to Meet on Tuesday?

According to ESPN (forgive me diehards) and The Associated Press, the NHL and NHLPA could meet on Tuesday to once again resume CBA talks.

"Nothing firm. There is a potential for Tuesday," NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said in an email to The Associated Press."

It could be to resume talking on secondary issues such as drug testing or player safety. Or could revolve around the core economic issues that have stretched the NHL Lockout to 28 days long and counting.

… I hate to quote Backstreet Boys here but—quit playing games with my heart. 

… As I've seen others write, until there's a reason to compromise or a sense of urgency from either side (more money lost, potential sponsorship loss for NHL, game checks missed by NHLPA), don't expect a breakthrough in negotiations anytime soon.

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