NHL, NHLPA to Have Conference Call Today, Hopefully Meet Tomorrow as Drop Dead Date Looms

Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press reports that the NHL and NHLPA will have a conference call today to discuss the owner's newest proposal and if all goes well meet in person in New York City tomorrow.

James Mirtle at the Toronto Globe & Mail says the general consensus from players is that the NHL's movement wasn't all that much, but it's enough to restart talks.

According to Nick Kypreos at Sportsnet, the NHLPA is already working on a counter offer.

…talking is always good, but my worry, as it was yesterday, is that the NHL is looking for a yes or no answer to their latest offer not a counter proposal. If they can get past this conference call and actually meet tomorrow, I think that'll be a huge move towards potentially ending this godforsaken lockout.

Either way they need to figure this out soon because the deadline to get something done looms…

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