NHL, NHLPA Remain A Long Way Apart

Chris Botta at Sports Business Journal has this quote from NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly on the CBA negotiations…

“Needless to say, we remain a long way apart. We need to hear again from the Players’ Association before this can move forward.”

…i really think the NHL and NHLPA are messing with us fans at this point. One day there’s a glimmer of hope, then next there might not be a season at all.

Despite this from Daly, John Tortorella feels confident a deal will get done soon…

“The New York Rangers camp is ready to go on the 21st. We’re chomping on the bit to get going here. If they say no, we’ll wait ’til they say yes,” Tortorella said. “I just hope we keep on learning that this needs to be a partnership for this league to continue to flourish and grow as it has. It needs to be a partnership.

“I don’t think they want to lose that momentum, players and owners,” Tortorella said. “I’m very optimistic that things get done here and we get playing.”

And it also looks like the lockout has taken a turn into bizarroland as Puck Drunk Love reports that yesterday the NHL’s owners received a cease and desist letter from the Montreal Canadiens’s lawyer Michael Cohen as Quebec provincial law states that businesses have no legal right to lock out employees in the province unless the employees are represented by a union certified by the Quebec Labour Board. The NHLPA isn’t a certified labor union.

The NHLPA are within their rights to apply to the QLB to prevent the Habs and the NHL from locking the players out.

…officially ridiculous. Can we please just come to a compromise instead?

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