(UPDATED: No They Have Not) NHL, NHLPA Have Agreed on Make Whole

UPDATE: Sounds like Don Fehr's press conference earlier tonight was unnecessary. Both sides are not as close as Fehr depicted. The NHL has NOT accepted anything and, in fact, have taken Make Whole off the table along with any other issues bargained this week.

… This is what happens when too much time goes in between posts for me. 


Original Post: May we finally be seeing the end of the NHl Lockout in our sights? NHLPA Director Donald Fehr addressed the media earlier tonight and provided this crucial nugget of information regarding the money for the Make Whole provision to have all contracts fully paid out.

Still, the NHL brass have yet to respond to today's proposal from the NHLPA. However, reports are coming back that Billy Daly has taken the lastest proposal back for NHL review. 

… !!!!

… All depends on how the NHL responds, so I wouldn't hold my breath. But, this is a critical juncture at ending the Lockout. Fingers crossed.

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