NHL, NHLPA Accepting The Loss of Another Season as a Possibility

Darren Dreger at TSN reports that there is risk of the entire 2012-2013 NHL season being wiped out as sources from both the NHL and NHLPA are accepting the loss of another season as a possibility…

“The NHL insists – for the health of the league – that players must be paid less. On the other side, the players’ association contends that forcing players to take less doesn’t solve the problems within the current system.”

Dreger adds that negotiations remain in a stalemate – with no plan to resume formal talks.

…the other day I gave you a glimmer of hope, today I shut the door on it. Officially sick to my stomach over this.

However, in a piece of good news, the New York Post says representatives of the NHL and NHL Players’ Association will meet in an informal session today for the first time since talks broke off last Friday.

There won’t be any new proposals or agenda. Just open, candid dialogue.

…i don’t care that it’s informal, just good to hear they’ll be talking again.

Meanwhile, Chris Johnson at the Canadian Press reports that none of the top executives involved in the NHL’s collective bargaining negotiations, including Gary Bettman, Bill Daly and Donald Fehr will continue to be paid if the league enacts a lockout next week.

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