NHL Likely to Present Another Proposal Tomorrow

Darren Dreger at TSN reports that the NHL is likely to present another proposal during a small group meeting scheduled in New York tomorrow with Gary Bettman, NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly and the Fehr brothers.

Dreger adds that economic issues will be the focus of the meeting.

…i think this will be a huge meeting, especially after last week’s meetings were either cancelled or cut short. Now that both sides have presented their initial proposals this is when the real negotiations begin.

…if the NHL’s proposal is more realistic, there’s still a good chance the season starts on time, if it looks very similar to their original plan, we’re screwed.

Meanwhile, James O’Brien at Pro Hockey Talk notes that NHL has yet to plan an alternate schedule in case of a lockout and has this quote from Bettman…

“We haven’t even focused on what the timing should be, because my hope is we make a deal on a timely basis.”

…while this means nothing, I guess I’d feel worse about things if Bettman was already planning a condensed schedule.

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