NHL Files Class Action Complaint & Unfair Labor Practice Charge Against NHLPA

Yesterday, the NHL filed a Class Action Complaint in Federal Court in New York and a simultaneous Unfair Labor Practice Charge with the National Labor Relations Board against the NHLPA.

According to Ryan Dadoun at Pro Hockey Talk, the NHL made these moves after the player union’s executive board reportedly gave its members the ability to vote on whether to give the board authorization to file a "disclaimer of interest," which would see the NHLPA dissolved, giving players the ability to file class-action anti-trust lawsuits against the league.

Here's the NHLPA's response…

"The NHL appears to be arguing that players should be stopped from even considering their right to decide whether or not to be represented by a union. We believe that their position is completely without merit."

While this might be the start of a lengthy legal fight, Dadoun adds that these recent actions might also pressure both sides into agreeing to a new CBA rather than risk putting the league’s future in the hands of the court.

…while you might think this has become a complete cluster eff now that the lockout is in court, it actually could be a good thing. This is exactly how the NBA lockout ended last season, so let's hope the same thing happens for the NHL.

Rangers players Michael Del Zotto and Ryan McDonagh as well as Blueshirts prospect Boo Nieves were named in the NHL's complaint.

…apparently these three Rangers have been named in the complaint because of tweets or comments they made proving the NHLPA is using a disclaimer of interest as a tactic .

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