NHL Cancels November Schedule; Winter Classic Next

Today the NHL announced they have canceled the entire November schedule.

Rangers games affected:

11/4 – vs. Flyers
11/6 – vs. Senators
11/8 – vs. Wild
11/10 – @ Canadiens
11/13 – @Islanders
11/14 – vs. Capitals
11/16 – @ Capitals
11/18 – vs. Jets
11/21 –  @ Panthers
11/23 – @ Bruins
11/24 – vs. Flyers
11/26 – vs. Canucks
11/29 – @ Predators

…man, that's a lot of faux recaps to write.

And if that's not enough for you to think the entire season will eventually be canceled, Michael Russo at the Minneapolis Star Tribune adds that the Winter Classic will be canceled next week…

"Why so soon? Many reasons.

Beginning next week, there are millions of nonrefundable dollars that must be committed to various entities, including the $3 million needed to rent the 110,000-seat University of Michigan Stadium beginning Dec. 1.

Unlike previous Winter Classics, this is a gigantic behemoth where the league must sell out three games in two cities — two alumni games and the biggest hockey game ever played in the history of the world."

…if this isn't enough to drive you to drink I don't know what is.


Speaking of canceled games, the KHL has pulled their two scheduled games at the Barclays Center in January citing the NHL lockout as the reason.

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