New NHL Proposal Nothing to Get Excited About

Anyone brimming with extreme optimism this morning that a new CBA is closer to getting done will not like what Jess Rubenstein of The Prospect Park has to say regarding the “negotiating” that has gone one lately.

…Sorry if this comes across as throwing water on the NHL/NHLPA “labor talks” but really both sides are doing a very good job of doing NOTHING. That is right nothing as in not making any real kind of serious effort towards coming to a new collective bargaining agreement.

For starters, how can one consider anyone making any kind of significant progress when the bargaining is limited to Don Fehr and Steve Fehr for the NHLPA and Gary Bettman and Bill Daly for the NHL. Scary that the fate of the National Hockey League is being decided by 4 individuals who have zero background in the sport…

On the flip side, any kind of negotiations, proposals and discussions about a new CBA is better than none at all. Time is ticking down to the September 15 deadline and the start of the season.

Rubenstein offers one last thing to consider.

…So on Wednesday, the NHL and NHLPA are going to what meet for another 60 minutes; take a 3 hour break and come back to talk for 45 minutes? That is not working out a labor deal; it is slapping the faces of every single NHL fan out there.

Someone show some guts and bring in a mediator and let us get a deal already… 

  • Rubenstein is right on the money. These labor talks, while having the appearance of being productive, are nothing more than posturing by both sides. Legitimate headway won’t be made until the entire contingency is there bargaining. 
  • You can argue they’re setting up the framework now for a deal later, but I don’t buy that. If you’re serious about getting a deal done, bring in all the pieces necessary to do it.

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