More Reader Operation Hat Trick Pics

Yesterday I posted some reader pics from the Operation Hat Trick game in Atlantic City. Here's a few more…

Matt F. (aka @95Sports) sent me a ton of high quality pics, here are a few as well as his list of those players who received the most heat from the fans and the most pops…

Most Heat:

1) Brodeur, far and away.  EVERYBODY booed him.  I think he actually purposely tanked the game just to piss the Flyers fans off.
2) Bettman (LOUD chants)
3) James Neal (can we sign him to the Rangers?  I'd love to see Richards feeding him pucks.  That… that would be good)
4) Hank (but mainly out of respect.  He played out of his freaking mind in the first period.  Flyers fans couldn't believe it – he was superhuman.  If Sam Rosen was calling the game he might have had a coronary)

Biggest Pops:

1) Hartnell
2) Gagne
3) Lundqvist/Richards

For pics from reader Andrew W. continue reading.

Andrew W. sends me these great action shots…

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