Montreal Canadiens Offered Brandon Prust Power Play Time

We’re heading into the land of bizzare.

Dave Stubbs of the Montreal Gazette informs us today that Michel Therrien (new head coach) and Scott Mellanby (player personnel director) personally pitched playing for the Candiens to former Ranger Brandon Prust over the summer before signing his four-year, $10 million pact.

In their presentation, Therrien sweet-talked Prust by telling the rugger forward he would, among other things, see some power play time with the Canadiens.

...“Michel said he likes a guy like me on every line, that he likes a couple of skilled guys on a line and a guy who’s going to get the puck to them,” Prust said. “I don’t want anybody to tell me I’m going to play first line because that’s not going to happen.

“(Therrien) said I’m more a third-line guy, but I’ll get chances on the second line and power play. I won’t be first-wave power play, but I’ll get my opportunities here. If I do what I know I can do, I’ll earn my ice time.”…

  • Are the Canadiens nuts? Prust on the second power play?! Don’t get me wrong I loved Prust when he was a Ranger, but to give him any PP time is laughable. He’s a grinder that will stick up for teammates and play the game hard. THAT’S IT.
  • Therrien must think Prust’s 24 career goals in 279 NHL games is a misprint.
  • I wonder if Prust thought to himself “Power play time? Really?” during this pitch.

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