Lundqvist Still Has His Eyes on the Season

Henrik Lundqvist recently spoke to Larry Brooks of the New York Post on how he’s handling the lockout mentally…

“It’s almost impossible for me to explain how disappointed and frustrated I am over this situation. It’s hard for me to believe we can’t find a solution that makes sense for everyone,” he said. “It’s just weird mentally right now.

“All my focus was on being ready for training camp [scheduled to open yesterday] and for the season, but I’ve lost a little bit of that. It’s like a balloon where the air goes out.”

He then adds that he still has he eyes on preparing for the season…

“But I’m going to get that mental sharpness back,” said Lundqvist. “If I play at home, yes, it would be a fun experience, but I’d be doing it so that I’m as sharp and as ready as possible when our season does start.

“That’s the most important thing to me.”

…seriously, how can you not love this man. Not sure I can remember an athlete coming through New York, other than Derek Jeter, that cares more about winning than Lundqvist. He takes every loss personally and is legitimately disgusted when the Rangers don’t win. It’s the number one reason why he is so beloved by Rangers fans.

…one thing you can be assured of, if the lockout does end soon, Henrik Lundqvist will be the first one at the Rangers facility preparing himself for what will hopefully be a Stanley Cup winning season.

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