Lundqvist: Someone Wanted Senators Back in the Game

As I stated in my post game thoughts last night, the officiating was awful all around last night. But the confirmation that Chris Neil did not kick in Jason Spezza’s late goal to pull the Senators to within one at 3-2 takes the cake…

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How in the world did the NHL conclude that was a good goal? There is absolutely no explanation that can be given. Oh wait, there is (via…

“At 19:21 of the third period in the Rangers/Senators game, video review was used to determine if Ottawa Senators forward Chris Neil kicked the puck into the New York net. Video review was inconclusive in determining if Chris Neil’s left skate propelled the puck into the net. Call on the ice stands, good goal Ottawa.”

Who the hell does the NHL have looking at these goal reviews? Mr. Magoo? My ninety-year old grandfather could see that and he’s got two eye patches.

Henrik Lundqvist wasn’t exactly excited about the call either and let the refs know about it…

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C’mon Hank, watch the language, I’ve got kids who read this blog. lol

Lundqvist is usually a cool customer, but I don’t blame him for losing his cool there for a little bit. He’s such a competitor, it must have killed him to have that goal allowed.

And Lundqvist wasn’t done there, as he took his frustration into the locker room…

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Looks like no hair cut and manicure for Lundqvist this month as he’s sure to be fined for those comments.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter because the Rangers still won, but as Lundqvist said it’s scary to think the league can make that egregious of a mistake.

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