Looking Through Rangers Memorabilia

Kevin gives us hope that there might be room for optimism with regards to lockout negotiations. Though as George W. Bush once said, "fool me once, shame on… shame on you. Fool me…. you can't get fooled again."

Indeed, we have already gotten prematurely excited about a potential resolution to this lockout. On multiple occasions. And so I have reached the point where nothing short of TSN telling us that a new CBA is agreed upon and in the process of being signed will get me even minutely excited. There's only so many times I can read quotes from Donald Fehr and Bill Daly give vague statements about how the other side won't cooperate. 

So with that, let's do something different. The one silver lining is that I get a chance to create articles that there might not otherwise be room for if we actually had a season. Fans act on their fanhood in different ways. One thing I love is sports memorabilia, and obviously Rangers memorabilia becomes a priority. Here is one of my first and definitely most notable pieces I have acquired over the years.

It's a Mike Richter signed photo, which is nice, but it's the story that makes it special. During the 2004-2005 lockout (pathetic that I have to specify which one) I sent a letter to Mike Richter's home address along with a few cards that I wanted him to sign. A few weeks letter I got that picture in return… and a letter (next to the photo) from Mike Richter's mom. She informed me that Mike was at Yale finishing up his degree and that he was unable to sign my cards. But she included that signed photo she had lying around and told me she would send my letter to Mike. She went on to discuss how she and Mike were very disappointed in the lockout. In summary, Mike Richter's mom is exactly as nice and thoughtful as you would expect Mike Richter's mom to be. I'm sure plenty of people have Mike Richter's autograph, but I don't think very many have a full letter from his mom to acompany it!

Have any cool Rangers items? Send me an email and it might just end up on the website!

Finally, you may have (probably not) notice that I have been MIA for a few weeks. Unfortunately real life got in the way of things. I have been in the process of transfering schools (hello George Washington University!) and, let me tell you, it's the worst. Granted, this does not compare to senior year of high school when you have 500 different applications to fill, but it still is not fun. You have to fill out a bunch of stuff that makes you realize that you're not longer a child. Then, they give you what is essentially a glorified online dating profile to fill out. You want me to tell you my life story in under 500 characters? Sounds Great! And then, right before you submit it for review you get paranoid even after quadruple checking the application and worry that you somehow incorrectly typed your social security number and will get sent to Guantanamo for identity theft or that you accidentally pasted the lyrics to a DMX song into one of the written responses. The whole process is just terrifying. Never apply for college.

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