Lockout News: Lundqvist Frustrated; Revised Schedule; and New NHLPA Proposal

It looks like at least one Rangers player is fed up with the lockout…

…easily my favorite part of Lundqvist's tweet is his hashtag of "#thefans." During this process I've been losing faith that neither the owners nor players care about the fans, but one person I don't have to worry about is Hank. He always has and always will feel a responsibility to Rangers fans every time he steps on the ice. It's why we love him so much.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the NHL canceling the first two weeks of the season, Steve Zipay at Newsday says he's hearing new schedules are being prepared, which might focus on more in-conference games.

…looks like some NHL employees are wasting their time with this project.

In a piece of good news, Andy Strickland reports that the NHLPA is working on a new proposal and will present it to the NHL soon.

…excuse me if I don't hold my breath.

Finally, if you have a couple of minutes, definitely check out this article by Nicholas Cotsonika at Yahoo! Sports in which he says everyone involved with the lockout should be ashamed.

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