LA Kings Writer Leaves Job Because of NHL

Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports brought to light an interesting story out of L.A., where the team's writer Rich Hammond, formerly of the L.A. Daily News, left his position because of the NHL trying to gain editorial control over his website.

The issue stems from a September 17 interview with Kings player and NHLPA Rep Kevin Westgarth, who was critical of the owners. Hammond interviewing an NHL player during a work stoppage is a violation of NHL bylaws.

Here's why:

It's actually an NHL bylaw that prohibits contact between the teams and the players during a lockout, and it can work in the union's favor too: Ex-NHL players that now work for the owners are prohibited from working behind the scenes to, say, cut a deal with the players or influence them. You think Steve Yzerman might have some sway?

Still, the fact remains the NHL is trying to gain a monopoly over everything said about the NHL Lockout, first from putting a gag order on team executives from talking—and fining if they do—to now manipulating what gets written.

… Sad to see the Hammond experiment not work out. Like me, others would love the opportunity to be an NHL team's personal reporter/blogger and, despite this incident, hopefully it happens again in the future.

… I do have my own thoughts on this matter in a video I recorded on my YouTube channel. Check it out below!

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