Kreider Will Be Ready

Julie Robenhymer at HockeyBuzz says Chris Kreider will be ready if called upon in the playoffs…

“He’s not your average college player. He’s 6’3 and 225 pounds with tree trunks for legs who is fast, agile, skilled, has great vision, knows how to use the body and, perhaps most importantly, wants to get better. He’s very coachable and wants to contribute to whatever team he’s on in whatever way the coach wants. He is also unlike most college players because he’s actually played against professionals with his two years of experience wearing the red, white and blue at the World Championship and don’t forget, last summer before classes started at BC, he spent the better part of two weeks at the Rangers’ training facility playing pick-up and practicing with the guys as they started to trickle into town. He is no stranger to what it takes to be an NHL player.”

Robenhymer adds that just being around the team at a time like this is an education in and of itself for Kreider.

…if the Rangers were willing to burn a year of his entry level contract to bring him in, you can be sure that upper management wants him to play. As far as Torts goes? I’m not sure what he’s thinking.

…either way, I don’t think we’ll see Kreider in a game this series unless it goes long or the Rangers find themselves needing a spark offensively.

…Rangers still have the option of sending him down to the Whale to get his feet wet in the professional game and then bring him back up if/when necessary.

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