Kreider Ready to Go

Pat Leonard at the Daily News reports that Chris Kreider says he’s ready to play if call upon…

“It’s been a learning process, but if they need me, I’m ready to go. I don’t think I’d be here if I didn’t feel that I was ready. I think I’d be back at school taking class. If they need me, then I’ll try to do what’s asked of me.”

…i may be more furious with Torts than Bettman if he inserts Scott into the line-up over Kreider. Rangers have more than enough toughness in the line-up to combat whatever Ottawa throws their way. What they’re now lacking with the Hagelin suspension is speed. And we all know that’s something Kreider possesses a lot of.

…if he does play, Kreider is going to walk into a frenzy in Ottawa. But this kid has won two National Championships, so he’s been more than exposed to pressure situations.

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