Kreider Gets Bickel’d

You knew it was eventually going to happen. Chris Kreider was going to make a rookie mistake and it was going to cost the Rangers. And that time was yesterday during the first period…

To watch on YouTube, click here.

Way to bail the kid out Hank. Sorry I had to.

So how did John Tortorella react to the miscue? Did he give his young impressionable rookie a quick talking to, then a reassuring pat on the back, followed by sending him back out on his regular shift? Of course not, instead he drastically reduced his ice time (7:34 total), including just 31 seconds in the third period, which will likely have Kreider playing scared tomorrow night in lieu of the carefree style that has made him so affective.

Two game winning goals in just nine NHL games and Torts has him stapled to the bench in the third period (Shaking head). It’s not like the Rangers could have used his offense.

Not really sure why Torts is trying to teach lessons in May. When you have young players being leaned on heavily to produce in the playoffs, he has to realize these things are going to happen. He needs to take the good with the bad. Not sure how playing a man down for three overtimes or benching one the the team’s best offensive players in a tie game helps the Rangers win this series.

I have stated on this blog that Torts deserves the Jack Adams Trophy. And he does. But his performance during the playoffs has been spotty at best.

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