Kreider Developed Offensive Instincts

One of the knocks on Chris Kreider when the Rangers drafted him 17th overall in 2009 was his lack of hockey IQ. Well, according to Team USA’s Jim Johannson, who selected Kreider to play on the US National team, he seems to have developed it (via Kevin Allen at USA Today)…

“He went from a raw, great skater to a player that has picked up the offensive instincts of the game — finding open ice, anticipating play and using his speed as a means of creating offense and backing off opponents.”

…amazing that Kreider dropped all the way to #17 in 2009 draft and even then the Rangers were criticized for taking him. Goes to show how much those experts know.

…also got to give Kreider a ton of credit for finding deficiencies in his game and fixing them.

…ceiling on him is unlimited.

Allen also has this quote from Boston College head coach Jerry York on how Kreider improved his shot in college…

“Chris would come early to practice to shoot pucks. Which I thought was a great idea, but once a week he would break a pane of plexiglass and stall my practice. I said, ‘Go ahead and practice, but it’s got to be on the net.’ “


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