Kings’ NHLPA Rep Kevin Westgarth Believes Lockout is “Foreseeable”

If you were feeling squeamish about the prospect of their being a work stoppage in the NHL next season, L.A. Kings forward and NHL Players’ Associaton rep Kevin Westgarth’s comments following CBA meetings in New York Wednesday will not make you feel any better.

NY Daily News’ own Pat Leonard has a piece on his “Blueshirts Blog” breaking down both sides with regards to a new CBA and has Westgarth’s comments to the media as to what the No. 1 issue is amongst the players.

“Generally, like the fans, we are concerned about – I think everyone has a little post-traumatic stress from last time,” Westgarth said, referring to the lockout and missed season of 2004-05, when the union lost the battle and eventually agreed to the salary cap in place today. “It is something (where) they locked us out last time. It’s foreseeable for them to lock us out again. So guys obviously want to play, but obviously we need to get the right deals together, as well.” 

The current CBA expires Saturday, September 15—roughly six weeks from now. 

  • Talk about not only screaming fire in a crowded building, but sticking your foot in your mouth. Yes, it’s foreseeable the NHL could lock out the players next season. It’s also possible the NHLPA goes on strike, too. It’s also foreseeable the President gets hit by bus crossing the street today, but I’m not going to come out and say so. 
  • The media and fans have a right to know the tone of meetings and whether they’re going productively or not. But don’t come out and say “lockout” and “again” in the same sentence. Bad job by Westgarth. 

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