JT Miller Headed to Team USA World Jr. Pre-Tourney Camp Sunday

Jim Cerny at newyorkrangers.com reports that J.T. Miller will leave for Team USA World Junior team pre-tournament camp on Sunday.

Rangers Director of Player Personnel Gordie Clark tells Cerny that the Rangers left the decision to either stay with the Whale or represent his country up to Miller…

"He knows we're behind him 100% no matter what decision he made. He's a big enough boy now to make his own decisions."

Here's the full Clark interview on the rest of the Rangers prospects…

Here's Miller discussing his decision to join Team USA

…i really love that the Rangers allowed him to make the decision. He must have really appreciated that trust. Hopefully, down the road when Miller's a superstar in the league he'll remember that trust and not rake the Rangers over the coals during contract negotiations.

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