If You Didn’t Already Love Kreider, You Will Now

The other day Adam Herman reported on the blog that Chris Kreider was going to participate in The Big Assist IV charity hockey game last night.

Now, Julie Robenhymer over at HockeyBuzz reminds us why Kreider is such a special person on and off the ice by giving this great account from the game…

“After the game, the players posed for a team picture and then headed towards the locker rooms to shower and change….except for one. Chris Kreider saw a kid along the boards waving a pen at him. He skated over and went up and down that side of the rink signing everything handed to him…Forty-five minutes later he made his way back to the bench where a few volunteers were waiting for a picture. At this point, all of the other players had showered, changed and left the rink and while the ice was being resurfaced behind him, Kreider continued to sign autographs and take pictures with anyone and everyone who wanted one as a new line formed near the entrance to the bench.”

…wow. Talk about a kid who has his head screwed on straight. In an age where most athletes refuse to give autographs without compensation, it’s amazingly refreshing to see this.

…officially getting a Kreider jersey after seeing this. Who’s buying me one? lol

H/T to TheNYRBlog reader Arpad K.


In other young Rangers news, Dylan McIrath has begun his journey back to good health…

…let’s hope he can get healthy and start learning under the tutelage of Beukeboom real soon.


Finally, in “the only reason I’m posting this is because it’s a slow news day” news, former Rangers goaltender Stephen Valiquette has retired due to injuries. He planned on playing in the Swedish Elite League this upcoming season.

…Vali will always be remember for that shootout win vs. St. Louis in 2007 as well as sucking against every team other than the Flyers and Maple Leafs.

H/T to readers Karim and Joachim.

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