How A Condensed Schedule Would Work

If the NHL & NHLPA can agree on a new CBA before the November 2nd date Gary Bettman wants to start the condensed season, here's how the schedule would likely work…

If this happens, the Rangers first game would November 4th at MSG against the Flyers.

…one negative for the Rangers with this plan is that they'd end the year with what was supposed to be the beginning of the season road trip due to the MSG transformation. Not exactly ideal.

One interesting detail of the NHL's CBA proposal is that players' Salaries for those NHLers playing in the AHL would be part of the cap.

…translation: Wade Redden's salary will be charged against the cap for the Rangers. Man Blueshirts getting screwed with condensed schedule and this provision. Maybe having a full season lockout is better for the Rangers, Nah.

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