Here’s A Ridiculous Goal By Nik Zherdev

Former Ranger Nik Zherdev, after spending last season with the Flyers, is back in the KHL (not that he'd have an alternative thanks to the lockout) with Atlant, and in today's game against Spartak Moscow he scored an absolutely ridiculous goal. Here's video of it.



Beautiful between-the-legs deke. Though any Rangers fan who remembers the 2008-2009 season knows that Zherdev is capable of pulling of incredible moves like that. What will go unnoticed is the backcheck and stick work Zherdev did to steal the puck in the neutral zone and set himself up to make that move in the first place. 

It's a shame that he couldn't be consistent because I can't think of a Ranger who was more impressive with the puck on his stick since Alexei Kovalev. Zherdev is another one of multiple European forwards who had the skillset to be an elite NHL player but just couldn't get it together. 

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