Hagelin Next to Head to Europe?

Doug McIntyre at ESPN Insider translates a report out of Sweden that Carl Hagelin “is very eager” to return to his homeland and join Swedish second-their team Sodertalje during the NHL lockout.

Here’s Sodertalje sports director Per Nygards on Hagelin’s contract possibly preventing him from playing overseas…

“It’s a little messy. I know that he will meet with the New York Rangers (Monday) or Tuesday. We’ll wait and see what is said at the meeting…I can at least say that Carl seems incredibly eager to get the chance to play in Sodertalje. Maybe this is his only chance he gets to do it.”

…reports out of Sweden are usually suspect at best, so I’m going to reserve judgement until I hear a confirmed report.

…but, similar to my stance on Nash yesterday, if the rest of the team is sticking it out together initially, I’d be happier of Hagelin hung around. It’s no accident that the closest Rangers team since 1994 made it to Conference Finals last year. So chemistry can not be overlooked. However, if this drags on a few more weeks, I can’t fault the players for looking for work elsewhere.

Meanwhile, newest Ranger Jeff Halpern gives his thoughts on the Rangers players leasing ice to continue practicing as a team during the lockout (via Daily News)…

“It’s great to have this many guys stick together.”

…i couldn’t agree more Jeff. Maybe you should have a conversation with Rick and Carl.

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