Gaborik Feeling Good, Hitting the Weights

Marian Gaborik is in New York visiting with team doctors to discuss his rehab from offseason shoulder surgery and spoke with Jim Cerny at Blueshirts United about his progress…

“I feel good. I have been working hard in terms of rehab. Things are going as they should be, so I am happy with the progress.”

Gaborik also gives us some insight on his rehab…

“I have been on the bike quite a lot (since the surgery). Now I am starting to work more with my body in terms of weights—wearing a weight vest, doing some squats with my body weight. I am trying to do a lot of core stuff. It’s going forward, so I’m going to be able to do more and more stuff.”

…obviously, I’d be happier if Gaborik was already back on the ice, but hearing he’s progressing on schedule has me feeling real good about a December return.

…having Nash on board will take the sting out of losing Gaborik for the first two months of the season, but for the Rangers to be a legit Stanley Cup contender they’re going to need Gaborik back at 100%.

Speaking of Nash, Gaborik also touched on how his new teammate makes the entire Rangers team better…

“The opposition now has to watch more guys. They have to decide who to put their top D-pair against. So to have that kind of balance on our team, the pressure spreads throughout the team in terms of scoring. He is going to help that way, for sure. We’re going to have more power offensively, and that’s big for us.”

…this quote is exactly why splitting up Nash, Richards and Gaborik may be the smartest thing once the Rangers 40-goal scorer returns to the line-up. Teams can’t have their best checking line double shifting so, depending on chemistry, it might make more sense to put Nash with Stepan to spread the wealth.

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