Gaborik Almost Traded for Boyle; Dolan Makes Bank & Possible Lundqvist Concert

I guess John Buccigross at ESPN felt like riling up Rangers fans this morning by floating this…

The 36-year old Boyle, who has a no trade clause, had 9g, 39a for the Sharks last year. Boyle won a Stanley Cup in Tampa under John Tortorella in 2004. Boyle has two years left on his current contract that pays him $6.6 million per.

Gaborik, who also has a no trade clause, is currently recovering from shoulder surgery and is expected to be out until November.

…not sure how this makes sense for either team. Why would the Sharks give up an offensive defenseman for damaged goods? And why would the Rangers trade away their only proven scorer for a player on the down side of his career?

…we don’t know how Gaborik is going to recover from surgery, but I’d much rather take a chance on him regaining form than on an over the hill defenseman who will never be the offensive force he once was.


You want to know why I hate the Dolans? This is why…

…good to see his out of control salary keeps him from jacking up ticket prices on us fans. Oh wait.


Finally, Henirk Lundqvist has announced he might be having another concert in New York this summer…

…this would be an awesome album cover.

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