Fun Gaborik Triple Overtime Winner Video

Yesterday, there were lots of fun video of Marian Gaborik’s triple overtime video making its way around the web.

Here’s video of Carl Hagelin mic’d up during the goal (H/T to readers Nick and Brian)…

To watch on, click here.

Next, reader Matty W. sends me this ESPN highlight of Gaborik’s winner which is synced up with Kenny Albert’s radio call, along with a Dave Maloney shriek…

To watch on YouTube, click here.

Finally, lots of you have been asking for it, here’s video of the Glen Sather fist pump after Gaborik’s winner…

To watch on YouTube, click here.

…how random is it that the CBC feed cut away to Sather just seconds after the goal? Glad they did, good to see Sather show some emotion.

…he’s got to be feeling real good about himself as every move he’s made the last few years has turned to gold and is the main reason the Rangers are having the success they are this season.

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