Flyers Need Defense, Not Ryan To Keep Up With Rangers

Update, 4:56 p.m.:
I think this Photoshop pretty much sums up Lundqvist’s dominance over the Flyers…


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Tim Paniccio at Comcast Sportsnet feels that the Flyers don’t need Bobby Ryan, they needed Ryan Suter or Shea Weber to match the Rangers acquisition of Rick Nash…

“As for the Rangers and Nash … The Rangers were a better team than the Flyers last season even without Nash. The Rangers need more scoring. The Flyers need less goals against.

The Rangers, from the blue line through goal, where Henrik Lundqvist virtually owned them last season, are stronger than the Flyers. What the Flyers have to do is match them somehow on the other side of the blue line.”

…i don’t even think the Flyers need a stud defenseman to match-up better with the Rangers. All they need is a competent goaltender. I know the Flyers are stuck with Mr. Universe for the next seven years at $5.67 million per. But if the new CBA has an amnesty clause they’d be smart to dump Bryzgalov and find the competent netminder that has eluded this franchise for so long.

…the advantage the Rangers have in goal with Lundqvist will be enough to offset any addition the Flyers make to their team whether it be at forward or defense. It almost wasn’t fair last season.

H/T to TheNYRBlog staffer James Wrabel.

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