Donate Potential Hockey Related Revenue to Those Who Need It

One thing I have heard time and again from readers during the lockout is "the NHL is never getting anymore of my money. No tickets, no arena concessions, no merchandise, nothing."

So the question is, what are you going to do with that extra cash? Sure you can take your significant other on a much needed date night or get your kid that bike they've been bothering you for. But I've got a much better idea. Why not give back to the sport we love in its purest form.

Which is why I'm suggesting my readers donate at least a portion of the money they're saving during the lockout to Ice Hockey in Harlem.

Ice Hockey in Harlem relies almost entirely on funding from individuals, corporations and foundations to operate this program. Donations allow them to pay for ice time, purchase equipment, and provide educational and camp scholarships.

The mission of Ice Hockey in Harlem is to provide inspiration, encouragement and guidance to children that lead to better life experiences, education and career opportunities. Through ice hockey, students build self-confidence, engage in a healthy lifestyle, improve their grades and education prospects and are immersed in a positive learning environment.

The Rangers have also supported this worthwhile organization over the years.

You can go to to donate via paypal or send a check to them at:

Ice Hockey in Harlem
1460 Broadway
Room 04-06
New York, NY 10036
Big time thanks to good friend of the blog Andrea G. for the idea.
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