Don’t Be a Sucker

Rick Carpiniello at the Rangers Report has one message to NHL fans, don't be a sucker if/when the season starts…

"As I said last night in the comments, after this is settled, this year or next, anybody who spends a dime on anything other than a ticket or a center ice package is a sucker. I mean, anybody who buys a jersey, a hat, a t-shirt, a keychain, an arena prime rib sandwich, a pretzel … anybody who goes to the NHL store, anybody who goes into the merchandise store at the arena, anybody who logs on to, is a complete sucker and a sap and exactly the kind of fan the owners are counting on. This is what the owners know. They have your hearts no matter what they do to you. So they can get away with crap like this. And you’ll be back emptying your pockets and filling their pockets."

…i couldn't agree with this sentiment more. I find it unrealistic that anyone of us is actually going to stop watching or going to Rangers games. We love this team and sport too much to actually disown it outright. So I implore you to follow the above directions from Carp. We can't live without our Rangers, but we sure as hell can go without the merchandise. Hit the owners and players where it hurts folks, in the wallet.

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