Dolan Wants to Join CBA Talks

Larry Brooks at the New York Post reports that Rangers owner James Dolan is willing to participate in the players/owners only meeting that was suggested by Gary Bettman.

Brooks adds that it is unknown if Dolan has officially volunteered his services and if he did whether Bettman would allow him to participate.

Dolan played a substantial role in brokering an agreement that helped end last year's NBA lockout.

…Bettman would look real foolish if he denied one of the most powerful owners in the NHL access to this meeting. It would also be confirmation that Bettman has absolutely no interest in ending the lockout anytime soon.

…having said that, I really don't think it'll lead to an end of the lockout either way. The players don't want to negotiate during the meeting, while, even if Dolan made some headway, Bettman and the hawkish owners will be back presiding over negotiations before we know it which would put an end to any progress.

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