Devils Wanted It More

Andrew Gross at the Bergen Record has this quote from Henrik Lundqvist on what went wrong in Game 2…

“In the first period, they were the better team. The second period, we came back and made a little push. Overall, we just have to be better. They wanted it a little more. They were really good around the boards and that’s where they set the tone for the whole game. In the first period, they had us and then we came out and started skating a little more and winning more battles.”

…i’ve got to say, I thought this series was going to be a war and while it’s tied up at one, I’m beyond disappointed with the lack of passion from both sides. You would think the Rangers are playing the Minnesota Wild not their biggest rivals.

…Torts better figure out how to get his players motivated for Game 3, because being outworked in the Eastern Conferen Finals is unacceptable.

Carl Hagelin adds…

“It’s just us. We didn’t get the puck as quick as we wanted to, guys were just a step too late.”

…not quick enough? We have to be better? They set the tone? Maybe, unlike what Torts’ is selling, this Rangers team is breaking down. One look at Callahan and I’m not sure how you can think otherwise.

…the Devils forecheck seemed to wear down the Rangers leading to costly turnovers.

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