Del Zotto to Be Suspended for Hit on Neil?

Last night late in the third period Michael Del Zotto caught Chris Neil with his head down behind the net…

…hope Del Zotto told Neil “that was for Boyle” after destroying him with that devastating hit.

…normally not a fan of a player getting injured, but I had a big ole smile on my face watching Neil lay there on the ice after being dropped like a sack of potatoes.

And of course the Canadian media immediately comes to Neil’s aid…

…the NHL should close up shop if they decide to suspend Del Zotto after passing on a suspension for Neil’s head shot on Brian Boyle.

And how does Neil respond to the hit after the game? (via Canadian Press)…

“I’m sure I’ll catch him (Del Zotto) with his head down one of these times.”

…what an idiot. Neil just neutered himself as the refs will be watching him with an eagle eye Thursday night. If even so much as sneezes near Del Zotto he will be in the penalty box.

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