Deadline to Save Season Could Be Announced After Christmas

Chris Botta at Sports Business Daily Journal says that if CBA talks continue to stall, expect Gary Bettman to announce a deadline to save the season after Christmas.

Botta adds that in order to play a 48-game regular season (the fewest games Bettman is likely to accept for a regular-season schedule) and not have the playoffs extended deep into July, a deal would have to be done no later than mid-January.

Botta notes that it'll likely take two weeks from the time the CBA is agree upon to start the season.

Chris Johnson at the Canadian Press reports that there has been no communication between the two sides since Friday and no further meetings have been scheduled.

…less than a month to save the season, so it might be a good time for these guys to start talking again. But that's just me.

…both sides have really gone out of their way to test our patience. And I'll make sure to go out of my way and not purchase any NHL merchandise.

Speaking of the lockout, Michael Del Zotto discusses it along with his time playing in Switzerland on the Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast, which you can listen to by clicking here (22:00 mark).

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