Daly Frustrated With CBA Talks?!?!?!

After yesterday's CBA talks, NHL executive Bill Daly said

"I'm frustrated."

…is this guy f'n kidding me?!?!?!?! He's frustrated?! He's frustrated?! How do you think us fans are feeling right now? You have the ability to make everyone's frustrations vanish, but instead you and Bettman have decided to torture your fanbase instead.

And here's another example of how serious the league is about ending the lockout…

…unreal. Bettman and his henchman aren't even trying to negotiate.

Apparently, instead of having a productive back and forth, the NHL is only interested in requesting another NHLPA proposal that we all know the owners are going to immediately dismiss…

While most members of the media are expecting the two sides to meet again today, Nick Kypreos at Sportsnet isn't so sure…

Despite all this and all of the doom and gloom coming from this blog the last few months, I actually have a weird feeling there's still going to be a season. And Rick Carpiniello at the Rangers Report is the reason why…

"As we also said last week, noted by E.J. Hradek, the 1994-95 Bettman Lockout ended Jan. 11, the season began Jan. 20, and they played a 48-game season."

…so amazingly enough these guys actually still have another month and a half to get this done. Not sure my heart is going to make it.

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