Could the Rangers Use Nash Right Now?

nashSteve Simmons at the Toronto Sun feels that with the Rangers offensive struggles in the playoffs, Glen Sather may have some remorse for not pulling the trigger on the Rick Nash trade…

“They don’t have a big forward who gets on the inside, who can create his own offence, who can cause defensive mismatches for the opponent. Nash scored just 30 goals this past season, his worst total in years. But he did that without any kind of help around him, without a centre, with a team that offered little, and without any kind of motivation.”

Simmons adds that with Nash, the Rangers would likely not have needed seven games to beat Ottawa nor would they be playing in one tomorrow against the Capitals.

…it’s so nice to see that Simmons lives in fantasyland where everything he writes about comes true. Well this is reality my friend and if the Rangers did acquire Nash none of that is guaranteed to have happened. How about this scenario. Rangers empty out their stable of young talent to acquire Nash, who isn’t exactly a defensive specialist, he struggles to find his game under Tortorella’s system, the Rangers go on a long losing streak, drop to #5 in the Eastern Conference, play the Flyers in the first round, who are due to beat them, and they’re bounced in five games. See Sather was right.

Later on in the Simmons article he actually defends Sather when he thinks he’s criticizing him…

“Now take the nine-year veteran, who has never won a playoff game, never been in more than one round, never had anything close to an opportunity to play for the Stanley Cup, and and plunk him on to one of the Rangers top lines and see the difference.”

…wait? What? How is saying Nash has never had playoff success helping his argument?

…and while Simmons does mention that the Blue Jackets asked for Kreider and a defenseman, he never actually mentions the New York Post report that said the package requested by Columbus was either Ryan McDonagh or Michael Del Zotto plus either Derek Stepan or Carl Hagelin, plus Chris Kreider and Brandon Dubinsky. So Simmons really thinks the Rangers would have beaten the Senators with Nash but minus McDonagh, Stepan, Kreider and Dubinsky? Yeah, probably not.

…and as I’ve been saying on this blog, the good thing about this Rangers team is that they’re not a one and done team, so, if God forbid they do lose tomorrow, their future is still very bright. Not so sure you could have said the same if the Rangers dumped their top prospects to obtain an aging Nash who posted his lowest goal total in 10 years this season and didn’t win the Cup.

…although, I assume Tortorella would be playing Nash more than the six minutes he’s giving Kreider right now so you never know.

Scott Burnside at agrees with Simmons.

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